Moving to Charlotte Article
Why Victoria Started Southern Luxurie
When I moved to Charlotte from New York City over five years ago I was fortunate to have some friends that I had met years earlier to show me around.

Every now and then their lives got busy I was left to fend for myself and relied on websites and social media to navigate through town to try to find something fun or cultural to do. On many occasions I failed miserably and questioned my move to North Carolina. 

After some time I had finally felt like a local and was finding the most amazing places that I wanted to share with my friends that were moving to town. 

I created Southern Luxurie because I want everyone who moves to a new city to not have to go through the trouble of finding some of these hidden gems that each neighborhood has to offer. 

What better way to have them experience those places than providing them with an incentive like a gift card, free Products and complimentary services!

Moving is stressful. Starting your life in a new place should be fun and exciting, not something you have to stress out about. 
Victoria has been contributing to the Charlotte community since arriving four years ago from New York City. She is involved with numerous charities and donates a lot of her time that benefits the lives of many. We are grateful to have her as a part of the Queen City. 


After working with Victoria on many different projects I have never seen someone more passionate about the results of her hard work. Her high standards as a perfectionist and making things more beautiful certainly did not go unnoticed.

Elliot Michaels
Interior Designer
Charlotte is a fortunate city to have Victoria in residence. Since her arrival in Charlotte she has been busy meeting folks, volunteering and making our city better. I'm proud to call her a friend.

Andy Dulin
NC House Of Representatives
With her creative and entrepreneurial mind and spirit Victoria never ceases
to amaze me - especially with her endless energy.
She is Super Woman but without the cape.